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The Nolan Exhibit
Clockwork Escapes - Wolverhampton

I really really wanted to love this game, because it started so well upon arrival and welcomed us so theatrically, that I just wanted it all to be a success.  But…. Professor Thaddeus Clockwork greeted us at the main door… Continue reading →

The Great Escape Unconference – Overview

Last week we drove up to Edinburgh to join The Great Escape Unconference. This is a regular gathering for some in the escape room industry – with owners and enthusiasts being brought together by Liz Cable of Time Games Leeds…. Continue reading →

The Secret Lab
Locked In - Edinburgh

We were invited to explore the rooms at Locked In as part of the added activities with the Escape Room Unconference taking place at Summerhall, Edinburgh.  We are so glad we had the opportunity. Locked In is situated within a… Continue reading →

Mission 60
Lockin Escape - Manchester

We had high hopes for this room because the reviews seemed fairly good.  It’s a strange location – on the third floor above a restaurant so you have to walk through the restaurant to get there.  The reception is in… Continue reading →

Bunker 38
Clue HQ - Birmingham

  For me, this was my fourth visit to a Clue HQ Game (first AI-9, followed by Cell Block C and then CSI in Manchester), going as a twosome with a friend who has never done an escape game before…. Continue reading →

Breakout - Manchester

We were looking for as difficult a puzzle as possible when we booked this.  It’s claimed its one of their newer rooms, and one of their most difficult.  So we gave it a go. The staff at Breakout are quite… Continue reading →

Gem Runner
Lucardo - Manchester

We were hoping for a good experience in this room, because the reviews are generally good about it.  And we weren’t disappointed. The strange thing is the set up of Lucardo itself – it’s in a shared office building where… Continue reading →

Cell Block C
Clue HQ - Birmingham

This was our second visit to Clue HQ, where we first completed AI-9. When you arrive at Clue HQ, firstly, you have to wait outside, under the railway bridge…that’s fun in the cold, and the area is not that nice… Continue reading →

The Bank Heist
Escape Time - Sutton Coldfield

This escape room appears to be very much one that’s been done on a budget.  Everything is simple and a few second hand props thrown in to try to create an atmosphere.  It doesn’t have the level of sophistication that… Continue reading →

Double Crossing
Keyhunter - Birmingham

The description for Key Hunter “The Double Crossing” has quite an exciting story line, which is one of the main reasons we decided to take on this challenge. It sounded different from any other we had done. The story goes:… Continue reading →

The Red Curse
Keyhunter - Birmingham

This escape room is the most basic you could possibly set one up.  Just a very basic room, and clues and puzzles made out of paper notes and cardboard.   Sadly, we had booked and prepaid in advance to do two… Continue reading →

ClueHQ - Birmingham

Our first experience of working in a single room only, and it turned out to be interesting and good pace. We might all have felt a bit disappointed walking in and seeing no other doorways to other rooms, but this… Continue reading →

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