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March 2017

Cell Block C
Clue HQ - Birmingham

This was our second visit to Clue HQ, where we first completed AI-9. When you arrive at Clue HQ, firstly, you have to wait outside, under the railway bridge…that’s fun in the cold, and the area is not that nice… Continue reading →

The Bank Heist
Escape Time - Sutton Coldfield

This escape room appears to be very much one that’s been done on a budget.  Everything is simple and a few second hand props thrown in to try to create an atmosphere.  It doesn’t have the level of sophistication that… Continue reading →

Double Crossing
Keyhunter - Birmingham

The description for Key Hunter “The Double Crossing” has quite an exciting story line, which is one of the main reasons we decided to take on this challenge. It sounded different from any other we had done. The story goes:… Continue reading →

The Red Curse
Keyhunter - Birmingham

This escape room is the most basic you could possibly set one up.  Just a very basic room, and clues and puzzles made out of paper notes and cardboard.   Sadly, we had booked and prepaid in advance to do two… Continue reading →

ClueHQ - Birmingham

Our first experience of working in a single room only, and it turned out to be interesting and good pace. We might all have felt a bit disappointed walking in and seeing no other doorways to other rooms, but this… Continue reading →

The Time Machine
Escape Live - Birmingham

This was our first room done together as a family, and I have to say it makes an enormous difference being with a group you know.  This was the room that got the others bitten by the bug, and the… Continue reading →

The Lab
Escape Live - Birmingham

My second visit to Escape Live and my second attempt at an escape room, joining a group of 6 to tackle ‘The Lab’. I loved the preamble to the story line offered up by the gamemaster before entering.  Some small… Continue reading →

Dr Wilson's Office
Escape Live - Birmingham

So it started on a cold night in the quiet days between Christmas and New Year.  A little bored, and needing to get out, I joined a group visiting the Escape Live rooms in Birmingham – meeting up with 11… Continue reading →

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