This was our first room done together as a family, and I have to say it makes an enormous difference being with a group you know.  This was the room that got the others bitten by the bug, and the cause of us moving into enthusiast land.

Time travelling is a common theme for many escape rooms the world over, and Escape Live have done a nice job of making one in their own little corner.  As always, Escape Live keep things very simple.  This room is a little busier than the others I had done, but the puzzles are still quite simple in flow and great for beginners if you’re just starting out with escape rooms.

The theme takes you through 3 different time zones, and the second one is certainly very odd. Almost like falling back into nursery school, the set up here is rather toy-like and unrealistic.  The puzzles kept us entertained, after all it was our first room together and we hadn’t yet ignited that competitive impulse and urgency that was to emerge 4 rooms later.  So, we were there just for fun, and we did have fun.

The final section of the time travel journey is done very well.  Good theming for that time date and most puzzles were consistent with the set period.  The third section was good enough to perhaps have been the only section. They could have easily left out the earlier two time zones and just concentrated on doing a really good piece set in the time that was really working well for setting, props and correspondence puzzles.

Overall, a fun escape to do, but the disjointed feeling between the three different time zones somewhat puts a jarring effect on the natural flow of things. They haven’t quite managed the transitions between zones, and so it feels like 3 mini games, instead of one flowing story.

We got out with only 13 seconds left on the clock – bit of a close call.

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Time Remaining: 13 Seconds Clues Needed: 8 Escapers Top Tip:

Do the obvious - it genuinely is a simple puzzle!