This escape room appears to be very much one that’s been done on a budget.  Everything is simple and a few second hand props thrown in to try to create an atmosphere.  It doesn’t have the level of sophistication that you’ll get at some of the rooms that have invested in purpose built puzzles and props.  And we found the puzzles are basic working out, no ingenuity or complexity has been woven in.

It’s fairly newly introduced onto the escape room scene, we were there only 3 or so weeks after its opening, and the inexperience of the staff was notable.  Most particularly though, the room hadn’t been set up correctly, and we actually had to have text coming through on the screen after we’d started the game to get us to set something up that they should have previously done.  In all fairness, I’m sure they’ll iron out the bugs as time goes by.

If you’re more experienced you’ll find the ‘holes’ in the flow of the puzzles and storyline, and may find that a little irritating, as we did.  You might easily be able to skip some of the steps in the puzzle sequence, because the outcome or answer is obvious.  This room also has some silly red herrings put in just to pad out the experience.  I’m not a lover of red herrings for the sake of it – they get used because the creators don’t produce the complexity and challenge level correctly.  They are only ever ‘padding’ because they don’t have a valid place if you create a good theme and storyline that keeps the attention of the players.

The final part of the heist which involved getting into the safe was a bit of an anti-climax and we didn’t feel as though the game had actually been worth doing.  We completed it with a lot of time to spare, which is indicative of a low level of difficulty and less quality to the puzzle process, because we would certainly have classed ourselves as inexperienced at the time of this visit.

They have opened a second room there now, but none of us feel the need to visit.  If you do go, don’t use the loo – it seriously needs a cleaner.

Update on this Review:-  The Escape Time owner, James, has phoned us this morning (28th April) to say they have made improvements to the game. That’s good news for all future visitors – we hope your experience is an enjoyable one. And most importantly…. he says they’ve sorted the loo situation!


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Time Remaining: 23 Minutes Clues Needed: 2 Escapers Top Tip:

Look for the obvious!