We were hoping for a good experience in this room, because the reviews are generally good about it.  And we weren’t disappointed.

The strange thing is the set up of Lucardo itself – it’s in a shared office building where you go up stairs into a plain reception area.  All the corridors and access areas look like a plain office. So, you get no preliminary atmosphere or sense of the experience that you’re going into.  It leaves them lacking a little in terms of inviting people into an escape room experience.

Once you go inside the room though, it is set up well.  The theme and props are congruent with the storyline.  They have some nice touches for presenting the puzzles which we haven’t seen anywhere else yet.  Even the simple bits are done so well that you feel like something clever is going on.

The puzzle flow has good pace, it keeps you moving well through a good sequence and the whole group remained intrigued as to where it was leading next.  Just a small criticism is that the screen upon which you would get clues is hidden behind the main area that you’re working, so not easily visible.  We don’t ask for clues unless we are genuinely stumped on something – we dislike the rooms where they just put up clues on the screen regardless of whether you need it, of if you’ve asked.  So, in Gem Runner clues are introduced by way of an announcement, and actually you can’t hear this when you’re in the main area of the room.  You can though, hear the siren that gives clues to the room next door!  Anyway, it’s a minor thing. By the time we did ask for one clue, 3 of our group were in front of the screen and I actually solved the puzzle while they were waiting for the clue.

The ending of the whole experience falls just a little flat.  Which we have found in other escape rooms when they are just objective based rather than fully escape based.  Once you have the answer to getting into the vault, the ending part of the puzzleline is just handed over to you.  This somewhat dissipated all the anticipation and competitive elements that feed our group.  It became a bit like ‘oh, we’ve done it then’!

Anyway, I’d recommend Lucardo.  I suspect their other rooms may be just as entertaining and well thought out.  What was a nice touch was having anti-bacterial gel outside each room so you can cleanse your hands – because I’m sure we’re not the only group that’s wondered about the hygiene of everything being touched by so many passing hands.

  • Quality and presentation:
  • Immersiveness:
  • Enjoyment of puzzles:
  • Overall experience:
Time Remaining: 20 minutes Clues Needed: 1 Escapers Top Tip:

Let the puzzle guide you, it’s well thought out and will show you to the next!