We were looking for as difficult a puzzle as possible when we booked this.  It’s claimed its one of their newer rooms, and one of their most difficult.  So we gave it a go.

The staff at Breakout are quite laid back, we waited while they re-checked something not done in the room set-up;  no safety briefing; and they wait till you’re in the room to give you a brief on the mission.  Of course, we weren’t listening to the game host once we were in the room, we were all too busy taking in the surroundings and likely clues to the puzzles – getting advanced info ahead of the clock starting! Who wouldn’t?

This room is packed full of ‘items’, but it is also heavily dependent on red-herrings – not my favourite.  There are parts of the flow of the puzzles that just have completely ridiculous elements.  And you realise afterwards that it isn’t a room with a high difficulty because the puzzles are exceptionally created and thought out.  No.  Its difficulty is just based on padding out with red-herrings that consume time, and the ridiculous bits that no-one could fathom.

The room is set-up fairly well based on its theme – you’re trying to stop a missile strike being launched.  The props and theatrical elements are there, but again, there are elements of nonsense that make you realise it could have been done so much better.  So much of the nonsense is there just to accommodate the red-herrings….. not saying anything more on that annoying subject.

The final stages of the puzzle disappointed us – it resorted to bits of coloured card and veered too far off the issue of computerised technology being about to launch rogue missiles. This theme really needed good high tech, and it doesn’t have it.   The final ending piece of how you get out of the control room sadly falls into the ‘ridiculous’ zone. By the time you get out, you’re thinking ‘why bother’!

It was an experience, that’s all you can say.  And this one is for fun groups that go just to have a laugh together.  If you’re an escape room enthusiast, this one will irritate you and may leave you feeling dissatisfied – most particularly because you’ll know it could have been done better.

  • Quality and presentation:
  • Immersiveness:
  • Enjoyment of puzzles:
  • Overall experience:
Time Remaining: 55 Seconds Clues Needed: 5 Escapers Top Tip:

Don’t waste too much time on things that won’t lead you anywhere useful!