ClueHQ have a somewhat standard set up for their rooms, so you know what to expect. This was our fourth room with them and going into CSI, it was the same background set up as previous rooms, just presented with different props and of course, different puzzles.

So you know with ClueHQ that you may be going there just for the puzzles, and therefore your hopes and expectations are that they will be good.

Well CSI does have a few good puzzles.  But as a team, we were all over the place with the flow.  We didn’t realise there had even been a sequence set to the puzzles until we were out and talking through the experience later.

There are a few bits that were seriously frustrating, and maybe a little nonsensical.  The storyline is that there has been a murder and you are trying to narrow down the suspects and ultimately, find the killer.  The puzzles lead you to bits of information, which you narrow down to just the one suspected killer.  It all seems reasonable enough, but it has added elements that are a little bizarre to a murder investigation and which have only been added to accommodate some ‘type’ of puzzle.  We were therefore always aware that we were in a puzzle room, just doing puzzles.

We enjoyed some components of it.  ClueHQ can be clever with the way it applies some of its tech. Some puzzles would be too obscure for beginners or inexperienced players to fathom.  We were told that the room has a high rate for clue giving.  I can understand that because overall it lacks sophistication with its flow, sequence or affinity to storyline.

All members of our team felt a sense of frustration with the room.  You don’t want to be coming out of an escape room feeling wound up – and we did. How much of that was due to us not getting into a flow, we can’t tell. And it’s a shame, because the puzzles could have been satisfying.

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  • Quality and presentation:
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Time Remaining: 6 Minutes Clues Needed: 4 Escapers Top Tip:

Use clues when you need them, otherwise you’ll waste valuable time on obscure things.