For me, this was my fourth visit to a Clue HQ Game (first AI-9, followed by Cell Block C and then CSI in Manchester), going as a twosome with a friend who has never done an escape game before. Having done the previous games at Clue HQ and being somewhat familiar with the format of their games, I thought this would be a good one for both a beginner and a somewhat seasoned player.

Entering the building is the same old ClueHQ style, which I still haven’t grown very fond of. We were shown the do’s and don’ts video, we were shown the locks that they have and use, which was useful for my friend, and off we went into the bunker.

The story for the bunker was exactly that, you’re locked in a bunker and you have to get out. A simple enough story line.

The bunker itself was nicely designed and props were fitting for the room. Some of the puzzles that were in there were of the standard ClueHQ format (if you have done a few of their rooms you will understand what I am referring to!). However, what was nice and unexpected, is that there were a couple of puzzles which were different to anything I had seen before anywhere.

Based on my previous experiences of the other rooms at ClueHQ, I did not have the highest of hopes for this one, but used it as a beginners game for my friend. But these additional and different puzzles made this into a nice little room, which I would be happy to recommend to anyone, if only to try out the different puzzles.

We were fortunate to make it out of the room with just 2.54 minutes remaining! My usual group (Mommy Sue, ‘Doc’ Andy and Mikey) don’t tend to ask for many clues in our games. Being this was the first time doing it as a twosome, and with a newbie to boot, we did have to rely on quite a few more clues than I would have liked (certainly more than 14… I lost count if I’m honest!!)

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Time Remaining: 2.54 minutes Clues Needed: 14 Escapers Top Tip:

Better for 4+ in the team