We had high hopes for this room because the reviews seemed fairly good.  It’s a strange location – on the third floor above a restaurant so you have to walk through the restaurant to get there.  The reception is in theme, and a friendly welcome awaits from staff.

The room was very basic, with very little atmosphere created.  Most importantly the staging of the room didn’t correspond with the marketing spiel about the mission of the room.  Supposedly we were rescuing the president’s kidnapped son. There were a couple of puzzles that were nice touches, and some red-herrings that were a bit of a wind-up (they always are). I really wish the creators would dump the whole idea of red-herrings and actually create good and worthwhile puzzle flow.

Anyway, by about half-way through, the meaninglessness of certain puzzles and flow was becoming obvious.  There’s a nice bit where you have to work well together because information is coming across from a second room, but ultimately, that is cancelled out by the fact that the puzzle couldn’t be solved without taking a huge leap in probability – a leap that just would not occur to most (if not all) people.

Poor quality lighting on this one again – which is frustrating if there’s a lot of written details to take account of.  I’m not a lover of doing everything by torchlight, especially when you have to share the torch with other team members.  They obviously know this is a problem with this room, because they suggest you take your own phone in to use the torch app on it.  Really…. Just provide more torches or better still….. more light.   The absence of light doesn’t create atmosphere or tension within a mystery puzzle, it really doesn’t.

No music in this room, so very little that creates a sense of background tension or ambience.  So the pace is generally quite slow. A couple of clues were very obscure, and a few of the puzzles just need you to notice the obvious.  The whole process is well intended, but sadly it just doesn’t manage to carry off the experience as fulfilling.

  • Quality and presentation:
  • Immersiveness:
  • Enjoyment of puzzles:
  • Overall experience:
Time Remaining: 12 Minutes Clues Needed: 2 Escapers Top Tip:

The obvious really can sometimes be as simple as that!