We were invited to explore the rooms at Locked In as part of the added activities with the Escape Room Unconference taking place at Summerhall, Edinburgh.  We are so glad we had the opportunity.

The Locked In escape rooms are situated within a real room setting, as opposed to purpose built like so many are.  This very fact alone, makes it a more fulfilling experience.  It has atmosphere in bundles, and you are drawn into a sense of drama immediately upon entering even the briefing area.

We did The Secret Lab, and was accompanied by another escape room enthusiast – Nathan of Agent November – so this made us a team of 5.  The Secret Lab can handle up to 10, and is well set up and spacious enough for it to be a pleasurable experience for large groups. The theme  is based around a research facility developing a vaccine for lying and you have to find the vaccine. All the puzzles and features of the game stay in line with the story, so at no time do you ever feel like you’ve come out of the game process.

The setting, the theme, and the drama of it all were wonderful to be a part of.  It is so well designed, excellently thought out, and keeps you fully immersed in your mission.  The variety and the design of the puzzles was first class – a great deal of thought, planning and sheer diligence has gone into making this an exceptional escape room experience.

It is a very busy room, and the gamemaster will brief you about that before you enter.  So much inside will surprise you, and intrigue you, and that’s exactly what we’re all looking for in these wonderful games.  The staff are completely into their roles.  We met the owner, Jackie, who was welcoming and keen to make sure everyone had a good experience in the game. But a shout out has to go to Gudni, our Gamemaster, who did an excellent job of setting the theme, getting us involved in the storyline and of course, handling the inflow of clues just as they were needed.

Without doubt, Locked In have set the bar fairly high with regard to standards of escape room.  It’s just two hours later and I can’t wait to write about it! Without reservation I recommend a visit to them. They have 3 rooms available, and any one of them will delight you I’m sure. They are part of the old vetinary school building, and it lends itself well to a very tangible atmosphere. I can 100% vouch for The Secret Lab, because it kept us all on our toes for 59 minutes and 19 seconds!

LockedIn Edinburgh are one of the few rooms we’ve seen so far that put up leader boards. Being a fiercely competitive team, we are preening our feathers at making it to No.9 on the top ten for this room, and apparently one of only 16 groups that have completed it in 60 minutes. I’m pretty sure we won’t be on that board for long, so we’ll enjoy it while we can! Go Conquerors!

  • Quality and presentation:
  • Immersiveness:
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Time Remaining: 41 seconds Clues Needed: 4 Escapers Top Tip:

Try to keep things in sequence order - its a busy room!