The welcome into Escape Rooms (London Bridge) is warm and friendly.  The walls are covered with decorated pictures of teams who have played there, and the immediate effect is to psychologically ‘set you up’ for your game – in the friendliest way I’ve seen yet.

Room 33 starts out with a physical task, which may not suit those less agile. So be prepared to have the unusual beginning, which you will either treat as fun, or with tension.

We had a great time in this escape room.  Set up with a lovely flow of non-linear puzzles, there was plenty to keep us fully immersed in the mission – to recover the ancient Qing Dynasty vase from the British Museum so that it can be returned to its rightful time and place.

The theming in this room is consistent all the way through.  Puzzles are appropriate to the theme, and they are well thought out.  We missed one really simple thing, when something got activated and no-one saw. That made us laugh when we realised.

There are some lovely reveals in this room, designed to keep the pace going. Some good observation puzzles and riddles that you can actually work out rather than get frustrated with.

Overall, we flew through it.  Non-linear suits us as a team because we can all crack on with something, help each other out when necessary, and then come together with our own little bits to solve the bigger puzzle. Our speed was no judgement on the quality or difficulty of the puzzles – they were very good and will keep both experienced and new players equally entertained.

Whilst it isn’t an overly strong or reinforced story line, the puzzle themes keep you well in the mindset of your mission.  As we progressed, we genuinely felt that we were making good headway to succeed in the mission.

The staff here were extremely friendly, attentive game hosts and paid good attention throughout the two games we played with them. They were eager to make the whole thing more of an experience for us with pictures and cards for the wall.  We thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to others.

We were additionally rewarded by coming out with 28.50 remaining on the clock, which put us in the top 3 – the current record holder was 50 seconds faster!  So we can proudly announce that our picture is on the main wall of fame… ooh yarr 😊



  • Quality and presentation:
  • Immersiveness:
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Time Remaining: 28:50 Clues Needed: 0 Escapers Top Tip:

Don’t waste any time at the beginning, just get on with it.