A cleverly designed room.  Simple layout, but excellent use of space to make the theme and props work brilliantly.

This was our second room with Escape Rooms at London Bridge – just a short while earlier we had done Room 33.  We enjoyed Pharaoh’s Chamber just as much.  The story sets you inside the heart of an Egyptian pyramid where you have to find the pharaoh’s treasure and escape.

There is a good planned sequence to this room and a unique way of tracking progress, so you can see how far you’re getting as the time passes by.  You’re greeted with puzzles around the room and behind locked compartments, and there’s a great centre piece puzzle.  We all avoided that one until we were forced to get to it because it had that look of ‘I’m going to take a lot of your time’!

I suspect some inexperienced players might struggle a little in this room, because it purposely had additional clues that more experienced players wouldn’t need.  So, the game hosts had obviously prepared for people to get stuck a little. And there were a couple of points where we did indeed get stuck – but on something stupid which none of us could work out properly.  And of course we got stuck on the thing that didn’t have an added clue or indicator, lol.

We enjoyed the surprises in this room.  We also enjoyed the tension as the time was running out and we were still 3 steps away from finding the treasure. There is plenty for a group to enjoy in this room.  The centrepiece puzzle is really very clever, and Sue and Andy worked it out surprisingly quickly. Once we had that solution, it connected nicely to a really cool puzzle that was revealed in an opening.

There’s not a great deal of hidden tech in this room, and it doesn’t need it.  The simplicity of its workings fit nicely with the theme and Egyptian time period.  Overall, we had another good experience at Escape Rooms and it’s well worth a visit from anyone looking for some fun and a challenge.

The staff here were friendly and attentive game hosts, and paid good attention throughout the two games we played with them.  They were eager to make the whole thing more of an experience for us with pictures and cards for the wall.  We thoroughly enjoyed it, and would recommend it to others.

  • Quality and presentation:
  • Immersiveness:
  • Enjoyment of puzzles:
  • Overall experience:
Time Remaining: 3 Minutes Clues Needed: 5 Escapers Top Tip:

Listen carefully to the initial brief - you will need it.