I’d like to say we chose this game to keep our themes varied, but I think the real reason is that we all like a bit of exhilarating pressure when you finally get to the cash.

The Enigma Quests building is slightly difficult to locate, and once you get through the doors you go down a few flights of stairs into the basement, where the air smells a bit damp. You’re welcomed by the gamemaster into the largest waiting room I’ve seen yet – there’s sofas, bean bags, and tables with complimentary sweets. There’s a help yourself free vend coffee machine and a water tower in the corner. A nice added touch which we’ve yet to see elsewhere.

This escape room is a bit different – you’re there to steal as much cash as possible from the vault. Once inside you’re greeted with quite a minimalist prop based room. Simply set up, with a lot of data and information in pictures and posters.  It offers a linear flow of puzzles, some similar to ones we have seen in other rooms, but one in particular stood out as very original.

There was one section of the game where we got completely stuck and it seemed impossible. We only got through it with a clue. And that was an issue, because in this game you have to buy clues. Each one will cost you 10% of your cash haul. So, when we were all at our wits end and finally had to relent and ask for the clue, it was gut wrenching.

Once you get out the first room the next puzzle is quite large and literally pressure sensitive, you are given two aids which don’t work particularly well. This doesn’t stop the puzzle though, you can get around it with a bit of creative thinking. A bit bizarre, but towards the end there are some props on the walls that are pointless and misleading and really don’t fit in with the theme. It feels as if they have been added on as an afterthought.

You are gathering small items throughout which finally reveal their purpose at the end of the game. It’s the last room where everything you’ve been through finally comes to a make or break decision. There’s a blaring noise, you have a box… there’s piles of cash… if you can think under pressure this is definitely your place to be.

The Gamemaster was helpful and friendly, as you’d expect. Because of the nature of the game, at the end you have to wait about 10 minutes or so for the Gamemaster to calculate your cash score. Just the right moment for the coffee machine and large relaxing area then.  We ultimately had to use 4 clues, and that cost us 40% of our haul. We were all a bit peeved about that – we got over £260k deducted from our cash!

I would definitely recommend this room for people who like this style of game. Anyone who enjoys a theft/heist game, this is one for you.

  • Quality and presentation:
  • Immersiveness:
  • Enjoyment of puzzles:
  • Overall experience:
Time Remaining: 4 Seconds Clues Needed: 4 Escapers Top Tip:

Don't let the red herrings mislead you.