We were invited by Escape Reality Leeds to try two of their rooms, and had a really enjoyable afternoon with them.  The first room – Iron Kingdom – is based loosely on Game of Thrones and entering the room we could see the props and theme were very well done and in keeping with their storyline and time period.

This is a straightforward escape objective, but nicely embellished with a storyline that fits both the room theme and the puzzles.   It is a darkened room, which supports the theme, and we got a little frustrated trying to work in such dim light. Torches are a common inclusion now in so many rooms and it’s not always ideal.

There are some very good and original types of puzzles in this room.  One in particular was outstanding, but the end result was a little dampened by the answer not actually opening the lock… which proved to be faulty.  This led to perhaps our only real gripe about the Escape Reality set up – they have a clue system where you can either use tech to claim one, which will cost you 5 minutes of your time!!  Or, you ask for a hint and the gamemaster enters the room to assist.  Well, of course, we asked for the hint (keep our 5 minutes!), not realising that the intrusion of the GM walking into the room to tackle the faulty lock would completely break our flow and immersion in the game.

Moving through the rooms was good fun.  There’s some nice tech, a few surprises, and some challenging puzzles.  We did tend to find we were all bundled into small spaces at certain points, because nothing could move on until a certain something was solved and we were all huddled together trying to sort that.  But generally speaking, we worked our way through an enjoyable array of well-designed puzzles and objectives.

The final part of the game escalates really well – and there’s a minor point that will catch you out if you don’t use your observation skills properly.  It nearly cost us the game…. we got the door open with 6 seconds to spare!

Escape Reality have big ambition for their business.  They have numerous rooms, all good sized, and plenty of room for expansion.  They are currently building a new high-tech laser quest area adjacent to the escape rooms, which actually looks awesome.  It will be open later in the year.

A quick cup of coffee, snap that token photo, and we were off Down The Rabbit Hole

  • Quality and presentation:
  • Immersiveness:
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Time Remaining: 6 Seconds Clues Needed: 1 Escapers Top Tip:

You really need keen observation.