This is a room built with love! Which is the only way you can describe the wonderful creation that is the Extreme Escape Lost Tomb.

The craftsmanship, the theme, the intelligent design of puzzles and props – all wonderful. You can clearly see the passion that has gone into the creation of this escape room from the owners.

The Lost Tomb is based on an Indiana Jones theme, and it works excellently.  There is something about this room that is exceptional – it allows you to create your own drama.  It is so well designed and so beautifully constructed that it makes you create your own theatre!  In our minds, we were Indiana Jones!  And not just for a few imaginary moments….. but actually all the way through.

I have to admit that we were fairly useless with the puzzle solving.  We laughed about it afterwards.  Everything is so cleverly done in these rooms, that you miss some of the obvious things.  The reveals and the actions as you solve each challenge are just so well done that you get caught up in all the fun and just forget to think like a puzzler!  There wasn’t a single moment in this room when any of us were not fully immersed in the imaginations of the creators.  Whatever they intended for their escapers, they totally succeeded.

The story is in two main sections, the first part being an old mine where you have to gather the gold, and the second part is the discovery of the lost tomb.  The design and production are awesome throughout and the level of ingenuity within the build is exceptional.  The Wow factor of this room goes off the scale.  Don’t even hesitate to book your trip – it is a must do.

The Gamesmaster for this room has to take the award for Gamesmastery – brilliantly in tune with what we needed as a group, and genuinely contributing towards us having an excellent experience. We were ridiculously slow with some of the puzzles, but still came out feeling like Conquerors!  Yes, we got out in time but really, we didn’t want to get out at all.  Happy to stay there!

  • Quality and presentation:
  • Immersiveness:
  • Enjoyment of puzzles:
  • Overall experience:
Time Remaining: 8 Minutes 27 Seconds Clues Needed: 5 Escapers Top Tip:

Just luxuriate in the wonder of it.....