We were passing through Worcester on a jaunt to a balloon flight, so stopped off at CyberQ to give them a try.  We booked in with Demon Barber, which is very much a paper based detective/sleuth storyline.

Lots of information for you to process, and we missed something really simple that had us all shrugging in disbelief at having missed it. The story has a logical sequence, and it keeps you all moving fairly well.  You have to do your searching well – get a bit of the info wrong, or misinterpret it,  and the game will just get completely stuck.  And there are quite a few red herrings in the information, and in the room props, which will rob you of time if you don’t watch out.

This CyberQ room is what I’d call, done on a budget.  Simple use of the basic room setting, and added to with appropriate props.  Nothing elaborate or theatrical, but enough to give an enjoyable experience at the puzzling.  The game is a bit of a ‘plodder’ it leads you through plodding along, as you get closer to finding the killer. Simple reveals get you a result, but no big ‘wow’ moments that have you talking about it afterwards.

It was really funny at the end when we realised they blindfold you to enter only because you have to walk through the actual rooms you’re going to unlock during the game! Just a bit odd…..

CyberQ currently have three rooms at Worcester, and there appear to be no other escape rooms in the area.  They are in the process of opening a new room, which they say is a lot more hi-tech.

  • Quality and presentation:
  • Immersiveness:
  • Enjoyment of puzzles:
  • Overall experience:
Time Remaining: 8 Minutes Clues Needed: 2 Escapers Top Tip:

Check every step of your information