A good pirate story line, with Captain Riddle pillaging the area for hidden treasure and gold.  The game is based around that objective, so you know you’re always working to find the riches.  It was good to see ClueHQ extend beyond a single room.  We had gotten used to their’s being just single rooms, so this one was more interesting in terms of its expansion.

The overall theme of the room is done well, it certainly looks interesting and challenging when you first walk in.  You just want to get started as you eye some of the props, but you have to wait for the video brief to play.  Andy just went round collecting the visible treasure anyway!

The room has a bucket load of padlocks – masses.  I think when you get to the stage where you have to put picture icons next to each lock so that players can connect which clue links to which lock, then you’ve probably overdone the locks.  But they were still good fun to keep opening and finding the pieces needed to solve the main puzzles.

There were some nice touches in the room as we revealed parts that helped with the main central puzzle. However, overall the room had a blend of good/well constructed puzzle ideas, and some lazy/weak puzzles.  I suspect it’s been done to help those who are inexperienced or less skilled with puzzle rooms.  As a team of 5, it somewhat reduced the challenge and interest level for us.

As you move into other areas, the puzzles continue with that same blend.  We didn’t particularly enjoy the fact that you had to keep going back to earlier spaces for info needed to complete later puzzles. I know its intended to be a communication thing, but that’s not how it works if it’s a picture that has to be matched. One person ended up sorting that whilst the rest of us waited for the result.

The final part of Captain Riddles is a nice timed section where you gather the treasure and make a run for it. Its really good fun, and we did great at collecting the treasure, only to have it taken away from us at the end! Apparently, two of us were still coming out of the Treasure room door in the last 2 seconds of the countdown!  So,  GM declared we were out of time and took our treasure away from us. ☹  Hey guys, it’s a game!  We were only trying to enjoy ourselves!

Overall, the game has a lot of puzzles to get involved with, and if you’re a little more experienced, then go as a smaller group.  Those who are new or with less experience will enjoy it as 4-6 players.  In terms of Birmingham’s offerings for escape rooms, Captain Riddles is definitely worth the visit.


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Time Remaining: 17.10 Clues Needed: 3 Escapers Top Tip:

Wear your trainers.