We had a really good time at Escape Live’s Casino Heist. We had been wanting to go for quite a while, and a last minute opportunity arose, and we’re glad we took it.

The Coventry location for Escape Live is larger than Birmingham and they’re making good use of that extra space. On entering the room the props are fully in theme with the casino storyline, and positioned well to get all the group immediately interested in different things.

The puzzles are good fun, well thought out, challenging enough, and there’s some nice touches to delight and please as you work your way into the casino vault room. As usual, we got stuck on something simple, but our Gamemaster was paying attention and gently hinted us forward by way of texting on a mobile phone you are given.

Our GM was Jen, and she did a really good job at welcoming us and monitoring our game well. Her delivery of the game brief was excellent, so we were hyped before even entering the room – ready to collect as much money as possible.

Being a group of 5 on this one, it was great to have the variety and space allocated to the puzzle design and flow. It meant we could work together, or work alone, and swap over on tasks when necessary. The Casino Heist kept all of us busy. I think perhaps the ending could have been made a little bit more pressurised or dramatic, in terms of how you finally get your hands on the cash, but that didn’t detract too much from the overall experience of the game.

We all came out happy that we’d played a good game – and ultimately, that’s what the experience is supposed to be about. We made good time and, for that afternoon anyway, got to the top of the leader board with 15.36 remaining.

An ideal room for beginners or more experienced, because the GM will adjust their support level. There’s space enough to accommodate a team of 6 with ease. Well worth the visit.

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  • Quality and presentation:
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Time Remaining: 15.36 Clues Needed: 2 Escapers Top Tip:

Persevere - even when it looks difficult, it actually isn't