The Swindon branch is not ClueHQ’s finest hour.  Sharing a place within a ‘leisure centre’ inside the Laser Quest complex, it’s a heavy atmosphere with a sense of herd them in-herd them out.  There’s no semblance of comfort or welcome there.

We’ve done quite a few ClueHQ rooms, and therefore know the basic set-up.  But we were passing by this one on our travels in Wiltshire, so thought we would add in ‘Detonation’ for a bit of added entertainment as it was advertised as their most difficult.

We were greeted and briefed by hosts that obviously didn’t care whether we were there or not, and were taken straight into a brightly lit, basic (rather small) room that had zero atmosphere or attraction.  I could just stand in one spot and see all the obvious bits to tackle.

We cracked on and ploughed through straightforward and fairly unoriginal puzzles, and as usual with ClueHQ, its padlock heavy so you’re all having to try every code in every lock until you get the one that works. When we got stuck, it was because of the puzzle pieces having two lots of information on them – it had been redone, and the first version not removed properly.  When shown to the GM at the end, he just shrugged. So that flaw will be going on to torment the next players.

The finale of a ClueHQ is always the triggering of a countdown at the end, and they’re usually quite good. Not on this one though, where you can just bypass that completely and not even bother to diffuse the bomb. The code to get out is obvious when the countdown starts, so we left….. obviously leaving the bomb to go off and create a little thud in the room all on its own!

If you’re new to escape rooms, or going just for a laugh, then ClueHQ can offer you some entertainment. But if you’ve done a few, or you’re an enthusiast, this one probably needs bypassing – it just won’t stimulate you.

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Time Remaining: 10.36 Clues Needed: 2 Escapers Top Tip:

You are supposed to diffuse the bomb!