This room is a great theme with interesting and well designed puzzles – and the whole team really enjoyed it.  The story is based on actual events of the 1607 witchcraft trials, and you have to find spell words and all the artefacts within the story.

We had heard good things of Spellbound from other enthusiast reviewers, and since we were passing through Derby we booked it for the last slot on a Saturday night.  It was a really enjoyable room.  The theme and props are done well, and everything that has been added to build story and flow is set nicely into the theme.

There’s a lot to do in the room, and it kept all 5 of us busy throughout.  We missed some really obvious little bits, but the GM has a ‘hinting’ method that keeps the flow online and the timing also.  This is a slightly different way to what we’re used to, because we normally just carry on at our own pace and ask if we want a clue.  But the GM here (Stuart) was paying good attention, and is skilled with monitoring his room, so he knew when to nudge us.  It ultimately meant that we got 9 ‘hints’ so that’s had to go on our clue mark up.

Overall, this escape room is definitely worth a visit.  We had fun, even with the quirky little tricks that caught us out.  There were good thoughtful touches put in, and the puzzle design and positioning meant it accommodated the whole team really well.

Give some extra time to your visit because the main car park is inside the shopping centre – you need about 10 minutes to get to their door.  We’re looking forward to going to do their other room soon.

  • Quality and presentation:
  • Immersiveness:
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Time Remaining: 12.04 Clues Needed: 9 Escapers Top Tip:

The first puzzle can't be rushed.