We had been wanting to get to Escapologic Nottingham for quite some time, so a last minute booking for Curio and Howitz was a delightful afternoon.

Escapologic have their own culture within the Escape Room industry.  Dark basement areas, eerie décor, and you’re invited into their world from the moment you enter the door.  What’s noticeable about them, is the team of people that manage the rooms.  They are so friendly, knowledgeable and ready to make sure you have a good time in your chosen escape room.

Curio lived up to our expectations.  Curiosity is ignited the moment you enter as you look around the well themed room at all the intricacies of the puzzles awaiting you.  There are some lovely moments of surprise, and a few things so nicely done it makes all the team look at each other in turn.  Yeah, we all want to know that we all got that special moment just then!

The briefing from the Gamemaster is excellent, and you should take notice, because the brief is the best guide you have to seeing your way through the game without tripping yourself up.  Curio is not set in the biggest of spaces, but it is so well done that even as a group of 5, we were not crammed into any particular space or left waiting whilst a couple did a puzzle alone.  Content is very good and the puzzles are wide ranging, so any type of curious mind will enjoy what Curio has to offer.

Curio doesn’t embroil you in a complex storyline. It just delivers up the room, with a basic premise of what’s occurring around you, and leaves you to it.  It’s an exploration you can dive into and almost certainly will enjoy.  The clue delivery is so well done, you should make use of it just to enjoy seeing it in action!  I liked the fact that you can clearly judge your progress as you go through the game, and that alone puts a bit more tension into gameplay and pressure to complete the tasks and puzzles.

Definitely one to recommend to friends and colleagues because its high on the enjoyment scale, and it certainly has some very original moments nicely ploughed into the game flow.

  • Quality and presentation:
  • Immersiveness:
  • Enjoyment of puzzles:
  • Overall experience:
Time Remaining: 6 Minutes Clues Needed: 4 Escapers Top Tip:

Pay attention to the brief.