On a bitter cold Monday in the first week of February, 15 escape room enthusiasts were gathered in the new basement venue of Escapologic in Leicester.  Due to open its doors to the public on 19th February, we had been invited to play the newly built games and offer our feedback and suggestions.

We were kindly hosted and cared for by Escapologic owner, Simon Stokes, and his team of highly committed staff. In the midst of the event was the wonderful Sera Dodd, organising and co-hosting, and investing her excellent game know-how in these newly designed escape games.

We were teamed up into groups of 5 and since I was the only one of my own team available to go that day, I had the pleasure to joining in with some very experienced enthusiasts.  I have to admit that it’s a delight to watch people who have done hundreds of rooms get their teeth into a new game. I also have to admit they are all so much faster than me, and therefore a pleasure to learn from.

On offer to us were the first three rooms that have been themed and designed by Escapologic’s own staff.  Chronos is a time travel extravaganza taking you into the Victorian era; Operation Magnus a World War II spy thriller; and ReactorVate, where you had better save the world from the impending nuclear disaster.

The whole day was an absolute joy. Escapologic are about to bring some wonderful rooms to the people of Leicester, who can enjoy a very good quality offering of Escape Room delights.  Our invitation was an intended collaboration – give the games a good run through and help to iron out any hiccups in puzzle and game flow.

I have to say though, even with the very few bits that still need tweaking, we were offered games of excellent quality and design, ones that any owner would be proud to provide.  There is a moment in Operation Magnus that is absolutely jaw-dropping, where we all just stood looking at each other in amazement.  My favourite of the day was Chronos, simply because I love moving into different themed time periods and the Victorian set and props were just so excellently done.

I have to applaud Sera for setting up such a gathering – it is without doubt the most sensible and useful way to have an abundance of expertise, ideas and input from experienced players before opening to the general public.  I hope at least that my feedback and ideas were of benefit to the game designers and I very much look forward to having my own team play these games – I know they will love every minute.

(Picture above with Simon Stokes  (centre front), the Enthusists of the day and the Escapologic team, after a lovely dinner at Middletons Restaurant which is directly above the Escapologic venue).

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