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We’re a family of puzzlers, enjoying all things cryptic, the quizzical and the intriguing. Having discovered escape rooms completely by chance – we’ve been bitten by the bug.  They’re compelling and we thought it’d be helpful to others to read about our experiences.  Get in touch if you’ve got a good suggestion for a great escape room – we’d love to give it a try.

Mommy Sue

Is the elder of the group (obviously). She keeps the team melded together, regrouping as needed and refocused on anything that may have been missed. In her day job she works helping small business to set up, and larger business to improve their presence and productivity.  She knows how to keep a team together, communicating and achieving. Ooh… the presence of wisdom.



Is the techie.  A programmer and web developer by day, Mikey needs a lot of variety to keep him interested and intrigued. Mikey thinks very logically, and loves the tech that is being added to newer games coming onto the scene. An avid gamer and coder, his hobby is developing computer games and web based tools.


‘Doc’ Andy

Is the innovator, solver and he always sees the way to get the job done.  By day (long days and often nights) he is an emergency medical technician, taking care of people in all sorts of pressured situations.  So, his way of relaxing is to go into fun based pressured situations!  ‘Doc’ thinks (and lives) outside the box, often when most people don’t even realise they’re in the box.



Is the liquid gel that blends the family team together. Patient, precise, and good with detail he doesn’t miss the obvious nor the complex.  By day he’s a technical analyst that makes computer based services work better for people.  Highly motivated and competitive by nature, nobody asks for a clue until Chris gives it the okay!