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iLocked - Nottingham

This is a newly opened game, the second at ilocked, and we were happy to get a last minute booking as we were passing through Nottingham. I have to say first of all, that the game is set on a… Continue reading →

The Swindler
Excluesive Games - Newbury

Exclusive Games is based on an industrial type estate, tucked away behind a car wash. But once you arrive, a cosy reception awaits you and a warm greeting from the owner, Janos. The Swindler is a room about ‘Lady Humbug’… Continue reading →

Captain Riddles Forgotten Fortune
ClueHQ - Birmingham

A good pirate story line, with Captain Riddle pillaging the area for hidden treasure and gold.  The game is based around that objective, so you know you’re always working to find the riches.  It was good to see ClueHQ extend… Continue reading →

Down the Rabbit Hole
Escape Reality - Leeds

Our second game of the afternoon with Escape Reality. This room starts really well, it transports you into an ‘alternate’ world where things are backwards and upside down and wonderfully quirky.  It was great fun just to get past the… Continue reading →

Revenge of the Sheep
ClueQuest - London

After planning a day out to do some London escape games, Revenge of the sheep was top of our list and first to do on the day. And boy did it live up to our high expectations! Upon entering the… Continue reading →

Mission 60
Lockin Escape - Manchester

We had high hopes for this room because the reviews seemed fairly good.  It’s a strange location – on the third floor above a restaurant so you have to walk through the restaurant to get there.  The reception is in… Continue reading →

Bunker 38
Clue HQ - Birmingham

For me, this was my fourth visit to a Clue HQ Game (first AI-9, followed by Cell Block C and then CSI in Manchester), going as a twosome with a friend who has never done an escape game before. Having… Continue reading →

Cell Block C
Clue HQ - Birmingham

This was our second visit to Clue HQ, where we first completed AI-9. When you arrive at Clue HQ, firstly, you have to wait outside, under the railway bridge…that’s fun in the cold, and the area is not that nice… Continue reading →

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