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Location… Location… Inspired Location

Robert Schofield has willed his way to becoming the guardian of the Secrets of South Lodge.  Certainly, you cannot enter the domain of this wonderful place of mystery without feeling inspired about its potential for escape room offerings. Positioned right… Continue reading →

A Family of Entrepreneurs offering a Family Focused Experience

The Escapologist in Selby, North Yorkshire is a wonderful mix of ‘Escape Rooms, Artisan Kitchen & Themed Bar’ and has been brought to life by a family group who have an inspiring entrepreneurial spirit and a wonderful family outlook on… Continue reading →

Professor Dunstan and the search for the Ancient Statuette

We are so glad we had the opportunity to go and play this newly opened game. We were invited to explore the case of missing archeaologist Professor Dunstan. The arrival into this industrial/business/retail complex just has to be ignored because… Continue reading →

Casino Heist
Escape Live - Coventry

We had a really good time at Escape Live’s Casino Heist. We had been wanting to go for quite a while, and a last minute opportunity arose, and we’re glad we took it. The Coventry location for Escape Live is… Continue reading →

Bloggers – who needs ‘em?

“Part of the support network for any emerging industry, should be the presence of the bloggers”. I’ve been blogging for almost 15 years, from the early days of, and long before it had the widespread presence that we find… Continue reading →

Get In! Norris Box Puzzle – no more getting out…

The Norris Box had piqued my interest from the moment I first heard about it at the Great Escape Unconference.  There were two things in particular…. firstly, I loved the idea of instead of escaping out of somewhere, you were… Continue reading →

Room 33

The welcome into Escape Rooms (London Bridge) is warm and friendly.  The walls are covered with decorated pictures of teams who have played there, and the immediate effect is to psychologically ‘set you up’ for your game – in the… Continue reading →

The Nolan Exhibit
Clockwork Escapes - Wolverhampton

I really really wanted to love this game, because it started so well upon arrival and welcomed us so theatrically, that I just wanted it all to be a success.  But…. Professor Thaddeus Clockwork greeted us at the main door… Continue reading →

The Secret Lab
Locked In - Edinburgh

We were invited to explore the rooms at Locked In as part of the added activities with the Escape Room Unconference taking place at Summerhall, Edinburgh.  We are so glad we had the opportunity. The Locked In escape rooms are… Continue reading →

Bunker 38
Clue HQ - Birmingham

For me, this was my fourth visit to a Clue HQ Game (first AI-9, followed by Cell Block C and then CSI in Manchester), going as a twosome with a friend who has never done an escape game before. Having… Continue reading →

CSI : Panic Room
Clue HQ Manchester - Manchester

ClueHQ have a somewhat standard set up for their rooms, so you know what to expect. This was our fourth room with them and going into CSI, it was the same background set up as previous rooms, just presented with… Continue reading →

Cell Block C
Clue HQ - Birmingham

This was our second visit to Clue HQ, where we first completed AI-9. When you arrive at Clue HQ, firstly, you have to wait outside, under the railway bridge…that’s fun in the cold, and the area is not that nice… Continue reading →

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