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Bloggers – who needs ‘em?

“Part of the support network for any emerging industry, should be the presence of the bloggers”. I’ve been blogging for almost 15 years, from the early days of, and long before it had the widespread presence that we find… Continue reading →

Demon Barber
CyberQ - Worcester

We were passing through Worcester on a jaunt to a balloon flight, so stopped off at CyberQ to give them a try.  We booked in with Demon Barber, which is very much a paper based detective/sleuth storyline. Lots of information… Continue reading →

Down the Rabbit Hole
Escape Reality - Leeds

Our second game of the afternoon with Escape Reality. This room starts really well, it transports you into an ‘alternate’ world where things are backwards and upside down and wonderfully quirky.  It was great fun just to get past the… Continue reading →

The Secret Lab
Locked In - Edinburgh

We were invited to explore the rooms at Locked In as part of the added activities with the Escape Room Unconference taking place at Summerhall, Edinburgh.  We are so glad we had the opportunity. The Locked In escape rooms are… Continue reading →

Mission 60
Lockin Escape - Manchester

We had high hopes for this room because the reviews seemed fairly good.  It’s a strange location – on the third floor above a restaurant so you have to walk through the restaurant to get there.  The reception is in… Continue reading →

CSI : Panic Room
Clue HQ Manchester - Manchester

ClueHQ have a somewhat standard set up for their rooms, so you know what to expect. This was our fourth room with them and going into CSI, it was the same background set up as previous rooms, just presented with… Continue reading →

Breakout - Manchester

We were looking for as difficult a puzzle as possible when we booked this.  It’s claimed its one of their newer rooms, and one of their most difficult.  So we gave it a go. The staff at Breakout are quite… Continue reading →

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